Thursday, October 20, 2011

ACW Williamsburg Club Game

Goulburn Valiant Stormers played a 28mm ACW game at the weekend club meet using Johnny Reb III rules. The game was straight out of the scenario book based on the Williamsburg Peninsula campaign. The game consisted of a flank attack by two Union brigades on a redoubt in which there was a large gun. It was a great opportunity for Greg B to place his recently finished 8" Columbiad emplacement. The game lasted nine turns out of a possible fifteen turns and was a resounding success for the Union who broke the Confederate line and forced to the Rebs to retreat in disorder..........another loss for the confederacy!


  1. Very nice looking board and really like that cannon!


  2. Nice battle pics of the conflict. The wheel ruts in the road are very creative. Keep it coming!

  3. Nice work there boys..nothing better then a few good rounds of ACW