Friday, October 28, 2011

Landsknechte "Die schwarze bande"

Off the painting table this week are some Landsknechte pike blocks that I have been working on for a few weeks on and off. I have decided to have them in French service so all carry the cross of St Denis on their flags except the Black band...who were the easiest to paint! I have also added multi-coloured pikes for a bit of extra colour, the Old glory Landsknechte pikemen are quite nice and rank up well. I also decided to add a command group from some of the leftovers. I have based them on 60 x 60 bases so they can be used for Impetus and WAB AOC. I still have a handgunners, swordsmen, Gendarmes, a war wagon, some more infantry types and a cannon to complete the army.


Paddle Steamer

Nathan from Lonely Gamer's is moving back to Queensland in December so I decided to scratch build a paddle steamer for him for his Sudan games, I think I built it in a bit over a day, I gave it to him at MOAB, so hopefully he will get some paint on it soon!

The base is from balsa

building and shaping the paddle frame

the roof and wardrooms

the completed model, the stacks are party whistles and the rails are pins with fine metal thread, my photo of the front half was to blurry :(


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Congrats Mark

A Big Congratulations must go out to a fellow Goulburn Valiant Stormer and damn fine painter Mark Soley for his efforts in the Games Workshop 2011 Australian Golden Demon Awards. Mark has always been a cracking painter and has really improved out of sight in the last 8 years. One day he may return from the dark side!!!!!!

Fantasy Single Miniature
Gold ~ Sebastian A ~ Banshee
Silver ~ Chaos Sorcerer
Bronze~ Mark Soley ~ Savage Orc

And in the Open Competition his excellent Diorama "Kreig Gas mask Dog"

Gold - Mark Soley
Silver- Mike I - Stormboss
Bronze- Rodger B - Ultramarine


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Big Game Hunters

Some recent figs off the table includes some big game hunters I bought from our clubs last swap meet, I will be using them in our pulp games......adventures and VBCW

ACW Williamsburg Club Game

Goulburn Valiant Stormers played a 28mm ACW game at the weekend club meet using Johnny Reb III rules. The game was straight out of the scenario book based on the Williamsburg Peninsula campaign. The game consisted of a flank attack by two Union brigades on a redoubt in which there was a large gun. It was a great opportunity for Greg B to place his recently finished 8" Columbiad emplacement. The game lasted nine turns out of a possible fifteen turns and was a resounding success for the Union who broke the Confederate line and forced to the Rebs to retreat in disorder..........another loss for the confederacy!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

MOAB 2011 Wild West

Well MOAB has come and gone again this year, the biggest convention in Sydney usually is really busy but this year it was very quite, I would say about 40% down on numbers through the doors, good old GW decided to hold games day on the Saturday so I suspect that restricted a large number of entrants in 40k, Warhammer, Bloodbowl and FOW competition. Also the Australian Rugby League, Australian Rules, Rugby Union World Cup and the Football (Soccer)Grand finals all on the same weekend would not of helped.

Chris Lloyd and me decided to run a Wild West participation game, both days were well attended with some funny outcomes for some the games. A big thanks to those who joined in and to Nathan for taking the pics (as I forget my camera). My daughter is making some signage for the Sarissa Precision buildings I probably will make them available as a PDF at some stage in the future. The Rules we used were "Gutshot" which are simple and easy for new players to pick up.

Click for picture enlargement
(contrary to comments it is a thumbs up, not a picnic bar!!!!)

the street scape

(the Gypsy Jokers ride through town......the Sheriff and his men sorted them out quick smart!!)

(the 1870s ......7/11)

he was a fine man...........once