Friday, July 22, 2011

Aurthurian/Late Roman Infantry

Next up are some infantry for Daves army, a mix of foundry, musketeer and gripping beast figures with hand painted sheilds. The allied elements remain to be done, Gothic/Sarmation type cavalry, and two units of infantry and possibly a secondary legionary unit, i will know when he drops off the figs tomorrow.

Lanciarii Gallicani Honoriani

Sagitarii Lecti

and Celtae Iuniores


  1. Great work on those shields, well done.

  2. Fantastic work, as Dan above said great work on the shields!!

  3. !!!!! I love em!!! Excellent brushwork!!!!

  4. I think that although shield decals look great on a unit like this good brush work is better, considering that the shield would be hand painted in real life anyway, there would surely be slight veriations, but I suppose decals would speed the painting process, something for me to really think about when I do some 28mm Romans.