Sunday, May 8, 2011

WOTR Revisited

At the upcoming club meeting of the GVS, Greg, Bruce, Dave and myself are refighting the first St Albans of the War of the Roses.

Greg and I have a armies that date back at least 6 years when we played a Black Arrow campaign (losely based upon the BBC series). This week I will be doing a refit of a number of the figures and buildings. I will be painting a few new ones including a box of perries, some Front Rank archers, cavalry and men at arms all to add to the house of Lancaster. Today I refitted two arty pieces and a numer of crew and this execution base, which I re-highlighted, I am quite happy with the result.




  1. Nice but gruesome execution scene Matt! Who's going to get the chop in the refight?

  2. Yes as soon as I seen it on old glorys site I knew i had to have it, beheading seems to have been quite regular during the WOTR so a definate piece to be rolled out at the end of a game, and to answer your question Greg and Dave hopefully!