Monday, February 14, 2011

Pontic Pike

Well finally finished my first block of Pontic pike, only two more to go, I continued with the mythical beast theme adding Ceberus to the units banner, not 100% happy with the result as I tried to copy a ancient Greek vase of Hercules capturing the beast, it was depicted with one red, one white and one black head and body, as my feild was alradyred I decided to paint a yellow head instead. I probaly would of been better off just depicting the head instead of the whole body, at this stage it will stay as it is, I may revisit at some stage though.

All of my pike are with charged pikes so fitting them has proved a challenge, I have decided to add small rank numbers on the back in rank numbers and colours for each rank so placing them down come game time will be easier.



  1. Great work, Matt. I love the standard - a very nice touch.

    Best wishes


  2. beautiful work! Love the standard as well. Dean