Thursday, January 6, 2011

GW Galloper Gun

Although Games Workshop comes in for a lot of bashing amoung historical gamers it does make some very fine models, every now and then I splash cash on some of thier kit, although these days mostly second hand items at bring and buys or on fleabay. Back in the late eighties and nineties I regulary played competition Warhammer on the Sydney circuit, before GW even had a shopfront in the country. I regulary placed in the top five with my Empire army, and played just about every month at my local club (Western Wargamers). I have had several armies during the years, Empire (some of the older metals are still in my Renn collection), Bretonian (some of the older metal commands are in my norman army and baron wars armies), Undead, and wood elves.
My painting style really developed during this time and still in some ways reflects the early GW style or base, wash, highlight. Late last year I purchased from a bring and buy, an Empire army and more recently High Elves which my two sons play with .....honestly :). I plan to paint both of these armies for them during the year fro them, so every now and then I will post them up here.