Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 expectations

As usual I make a list of projects that I would like to complete at the beginning of the year, as always I shoot for the stars and use the club calendar to prioritize my list. My list always needs to pared back a little, so I list all of my periods, then look at what can be completed before certain events.

My Roman armies include Republican, middle and late, all have units to complete. The republicans require 12 cavalry and four maniples of Hastati and some artillery to finish them off, I have also toyed with adding more allied contingents. My Imperials have almost a whole legion in chainmail (all foundry) for the invasion of Britain to be completed, I am thinking of selling my warlord plastics romans (in segemtata)even though I like them and they fit my foundry figures for size, artillery and more cavalry to be painted for these also. After selling my Late Romans last year I have decided to rebuild another this year with A and A miniatures.

My latest project and I am enjoying it emmensly, three pike blocks and a tonne of irregulars and lights to be completed for our Clubs annual WAB tourney in March.

I have a number of pike blocks to do and I will be able to use my pontic cavalry and light infantry for support.

Another half finished Army all A and A cavalry to be done along with two units of spear and two elephants and it will be finished!

A large amount of warlord plastics to be done at some stage, no great rush this year.

Baron Wars

Greg and I are doing a demo game next year at Cancon and Moab so a lot of painting and buying to be done this year I have 134 cavalry and around 480 infantry to paint in the next 12 months! Research done just need to get stuck in! A lot of these will be able to double up for a crusader army as a boonus.

not High on the list still have a bunch of infantry to do though!

not high on the list as they are such a pain to paint!

Italian wars
A few of the lads are getting into this period I have purchased a lot of figs just need to get cracking

A bit of cavalry and some more scot Infantry will finish of this four year old project, not high on the list though

Horse and musket
A project close to my heart, but way down the priority list at the moment, maybe a late in the year project, this is a 1 figure represents 10 so a huge number of kilts to be done, not my favourite thing to paint.

Greg and I have also started at 1 fig represnts 20 scale, this is for another demo game in 2013.

Our clubs main focus this year so we can all use our half finished armies and complete new ones. Again at 1 to 20 scale so regt from 24 to 32 strong.
My French will be my main focus this year, followed by my English and

Not high on the list but another 1 to 20 scale 28mm< i have always loved this period, some years ago I painted a yankee army and sold them this time I am doing
British and Germans!

A main focus also for this year as our clubs Bi annual event the Australian Napoleonic Congress will be on again. My French need a serious boost and I will continue my german states with a two battalion strong Nassau contingent.

My Confederates are almost complete, another regiment of cavalry along with a dismounted contingent ,some guns, command figures and some wagons etc is all that remains to be painted.

I bought a lot of aircraft last year to play blue Max all assembled but yet to be painted.

My Pulp adventiure this year will be a Snow adventure, so terrain and figures to be done, also maybe a aircraft of some sort.

A lot of work needed here including a tonne of vehicles and a lot of German 1944 infantry, a lot of Brits and american airbourne and complete some 1940 French and buildings.

A new project that is not very high on my list at the moment my Americans are awaiting Wartime minis new figs and someone to do a decent M60!

My two sons play warhammer and 40k so I have a Empire army to paint along with Elves, they paint thier own 40k figs. I also have two Bloodbowl teams to do, so we can play a leauge at home during winter.

28mm ACW/AWI/FIW fences and buildings
28mm Napoleonic buildings and hedges
20mm buildings and pieces
28mm Pulp as required
28mm ancients buildings

Well quite a list, and it may need some paring down and to add to the list I have not mentioned my sculpting and commercial projects at all!




  1. so just a few projects with a limited set of objectives..

  2. That's quite a list, Matt! May I humbly suggest you prioritise the AWI project? :^)

    Best wishes


  3. *low whistle* Here I was thinking my list was ambitious!Good luck and looking forward to seeing if you make it.:-)