Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Bit of Tacking!

Last club meet Greg and I enjoyed a day of playing “Form line of Battle” by David Manley using Langton’s lovely ECW/Dutch wars 1/1200th scale ships. Greg made up some nice playing cards, some smoke markers (see ) a broadside distance rod and some very useful data sheets. Greg also has solved the transport challenge of heavy MDF boards with the use of large framed art canvas which he has painted a great green blue sea upon, and as it is tight the ships easily move upon it.
We played two engagements in the first Greg played with his Dutch Kromster and a Frigate, and I played with my British unrated merchant and a Frigate. I managed to gain the weather gauge and sunk the Kromster and heavily damaged the Frigate before lunch.

Gaming resumed after Lunch and Greg used a Dutch armed merchant and a frigate and I used a 4th rate armed merchant (40 guns) and a frigate, Greg gained the weather gauge in this game and eventually sunk my merchant and ran my frigate aground (my own fault really) this whole game was played in a Gale and rain, which funnily enough, was happening outside (perhaps even some sleet).

I was very impressed with the rule set and I think it plays better than GW’s “Trafalgar” which we use for 7YW/ Napoleonic. Greg has finished rigging his ships, adding flags and streamers etc and they look fantastic, his glass bases look good also but as my ships are already based on Langton bases I will not be removing them, I was so impressed I intend getting mine finished this month also.

On the modelling front I am still building my ECW manor which has morphed a little so I can use it for the European continent also as a coach house or the like, WIP pictures below. I still need to finish the stone work before I add the windows and half timber upper. I will also add some hedges, stone walls and perhaps a small garden and dovecote.

This week I have started some 7YW and WSS French which I will post on my 18th century blog “Fine and Dandy”. I also started some NVA/VC Vietnam sculpts and some Britannia Americans which I will post next week.


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