Sunday, July 25, 2010

The stars are in alignment!

Well what a beautiful winters day it was yesterday, a barmy 13 degrees in Marulan with not a breath of wind for our clubs carboot sale, which was very successful I felt. Sound concept with the travellers from Sydney and Canberra surprised by the short trip down.

Myself and Boyd travelled up together from Sunny Goulburn a little late and with good cappacino's in hand. After arrival I immediatly bolted to look at everybody's stuff, like a little kid in a candy stall. After the meet and greet I set up my stuff and went back purusing and buying, firstly some more ww1 1/72 scale aircraft off Rob's table, then some books from the cardinal, then some books, 28mm Greeks and 20mm Paras from Mick, then some vehicles from Chris, and finally some horse and musket civilians from Dave, on the swap and sale side I sold my 28mm chariot wars babylonians, my left over 20mm german vehicles and swapped late medievals for WSS and some ww2 gliders, a bunch of Perry indians for 7YW French Dragoons and a book for a book! Pictures are here

The BBQ was a hit and seemed to be a focal point for the discussion of politics, wargaming, upcoming events and holidays. Much talk of the clubs upcoming events including our "Arnhem" weekend in September and "Lace Wars" in November, along with the modern Rapid Fire "Cold War Hot" weekend against the Maroubra Emirs club

After returning home I handed over all of my cash and settled down to a bit of painting, cooked a very fine rissoto and retired to bed early to read my new books, now I have a hankering to replay Rossbach!


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