Thursday, July 8, 2010

On the painting table and errata!

This month back to painting my own stuff after painting a number of moderns and finnishing off some sculpting of some 28mm masters for some customers. A real mix on the table at the moment some Fenlon ACW Zouaves(which are now back in production) and my last bit of ACW lead I have in the hoard, must take a picture of the completed army this weekend. Late Romans (A and A minis)Sassanid Infantry and cavalry (A and A also)and some 20mm germans with snow equipment (which will be heading off to our clubs "White Lead Elephant" Swapmeet on saturday the 24th of July). Also sculpting some 20mm NVA for Wartime and sculpting some 15mm Buildings for Glyn a "Fernvale specialty scenics". We also had our ACW convention at the club "A House Divided" which was a great success with about 20 ACW fans having a great day out. pics below. Next month is our Sheildwall tourney so back to Vikings for a sec, before charging on with some moderns for our Club vs Club clash with the "Maroubra Emirs, Cold War Hot" game in August.


  1. Great photos, Matt, and a really inspiring set-up.

    Best wishes


  2. Great photo's and very atmospheric!


  3. Great ACW figures. A very impressive set up!